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Map & Directions

Phone (269) 544-1553


April 3, 2017- Nov. 4, 2017

Monday-Fri 9-6

Saturdays 9-4

Closed Sundays


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Kalamazoo Pool Troubleshooting

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Kalamazoo Above Ground Pool Cleaners and Inground Pool Cleaners

Inground and Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners can make your life so much easier. Whether you have an above ground or inground pool, we have the right Automatic pool cleaner for you!  We have suction-style cleaners as well as ones that are powered by their own power supply box (therefore stressing your equipment less!)  

Please Note: With any suction-style automatic pool cleaner, you may need to purchase additional hose sections depending on your pool size! Just ask any of the Locey staff and they will help you with any questions!

West Michigan Inground Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Active 30i Inground pool cleaner

This robotic inground automatic pool cleaner cleans the pool floor, cove and up to the waterline!  It can handle pools up to 50' in length.  It offers superior technology such as: top access cartridge system (way easier to remove and clean!),  robotic scanning for complete pool coverage, digital power supply (included) with weekly timer with customizable cleaning times, swivel cable to prevent tangling and more!  Includes caddy for easy moving and storage! Has a smart phone app to control your cleaner! 


Dolphin Active 20 automatic pool cleaner

This automatic cleaner works for inground and above ground pools. Cleans floors, walls and waterline. Easy-access filter basket comes out from the top of the unit for quick cleaning. Customizable cleaning times.  Works for pools up to 40 ft.  The unit has a 60' cord. Comes with power supply.


SmartPool NC-72 Direct Command with Remote

Revolutionary lightweight design
3 modes of operation - 1 hour Fast-Track, 3-Hour Cycle or Remote Control Steering
For inground pools up to 20' x 40' x 8' Deep
Remote control with full user interface for fast spot cleaning
Dual direct-drive motors for greater traction and zero-radius turning
Brush-to-Port cleaning for thorough vacuuming of acorns, leaves and fine debris
Gentle enough for vinyl and fiberglass pools, rugged enough for concrete pools
Quick-drain system for lightweight removal from pool
60' power cord
Extra-Large filter bag capacity

Two Year limited warranty.  Go to www.smartpool.com for warranty information.


Smart Pool NC-52 Inground Pool Cleaner

All-surface inground Pool Cleaner  that cleans and brushes floor and walls.  Lightweight design that works up to 20'x40', 8' deep inground pools.  Three-hour cleaning, 50' power cord, extra-large filter bag design.  Comes with power supply that plugs into a 110 outlet.  This unit runs off its own self- meaning you are not clogging or stressing your filtration system!

Go to www.smartpool.com for warranty information.


Silver Dollar automatic pool cleaner

The Silver Dollar automatic pool cleaner works in flat or deep above ground pools and inground pools.  This cleaner is a suction-style cleaner-meaning it runs off the skimmer while equipment is running.  Includes one, suction side pad cleaner with 33 feet of sectional hose, one adjustable skimmer valve to regulate flow for optimal performance, one skimmer adapter cone, one return line diverter and three hose balancing weights.


West Michigan Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Aqua Ray suction-style automatic pool cleaner by Hayward

The Aqua Ray® suction cleaner has the ability to clean and trap all debris along your pool floor with ease. The Aqua Ray® works with your pool's filtration system. There are no complicated tools to install and put it together, all you need to do is attach the suction line right to the skimmer, turn it on, and watch it automatically get to work. Equipped with Flapper Cleaning Technology, this little guy only needs one moving part to keep your pool crystal clear and healthy. There are no gears, wheels, or parts that might break down over time included in the installation process. It is able to trap dirt from 3 different intake ports for maximum cleaning power in a short span of time. The Swivel Foot Pad allows it to move and cruise easily throughout your pool. An Automatic Regulator Valve can set the perfect suction for even those hard to reach areas in the crevices as well.  Comes with 32 feet of hose.  Additional lengths of hose can be purchased for bigger pools.


SmartPool Pro-Kleen 100 Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Smartpool Pro-Kleen 100 is an automatic cleaner that runs off a power supply-so it clogs its own self, not your equipment. This is a bag-style cleaner where you pull the bag out occasionally and hose it out to clean it, and pop it back in the body of the cleaner.  This cleaner works for above ground pools up to 33' round, and even small inground pools up to 14'x28'.  It vacuums and scrubs the floor and wall basin, has a 40' floating cable, and can even get acorns!  The power supply has an automatic 2 hr shut off.  

Go to www.smartpool.com for warranty information.

$499.00 - Sale Price!

Have questions? Need more information? Contact Locey Pool at 269-327-1553 or online or visit their Portage Michigan showroom on Lovers Lane to learn more!


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